Frequently Asked Questions

What is your process?

Upon contacting our office, you will be placed in contact with a data recovery specialist who will provide a basic synopsis of your situation and potential for recoverability.  Upon receipt of your media, we perform an initial analysis and quote, providing you with a step by step outline of what is wrong with your media and what we are going to do to recover it, this estimate also states a fixed price that WILL NOT CHANGE. Should you accept the terms of the estimate, we will then move ahead with the recovery. Upon completion, we will return your data to you in whatever format is most convenient, on an appropriate destination media that you can keep (additional charge applies).

How do I get my drive to you?
If you are local to Calgary, you can bring it by our office located at 300, 160 Quarry Park Blvd SE. If you are not local, you can ship the drive to the following:

Pro Data Recovery, Inc.
300, 160 Quarry Park Blvd SE
Calgary, Alberta T2C 3G3

To properly prepare it for shipping, do NOT put it in an ordinary plastic bag or bubble wrap. The best container would be an anti-static bag (just ask your computer service guy) and a padded box. Otherwise you can wrap it in pink anti static foam or padding. If you are packing it with popcorn foam, ensure it is anti static.

If shipping, please ensure that you download our Intake Sheet, fill it out completely, and include it in your shipment. You can download the Intake Sheet by clicking on the link below.

How much does it cost to look at my drive?
NOTHING. Diagnosis is free except on a RUSH basis.
What if you can't recover my data?
Then you pay nothing.
How do I get my data back?
That is entirely up to you. Typically, if the data recovered is less than 128 GB, we will return it on A USB drive. If it is more than 128 GB, we will put your data on a hard drive that you will keep, and use in the future to back up your data. (Destination media is an additional charge).
What if you can only get SOME of my data?
In these extremely rare cases, we will send you a list of the files that we CAN recover. At that time, you can decide if the recovery is still worth it to you. If you decide it is not, then the recovery process stops and you pay nothing.
Is it cheaper if I only need certain files?
It can be, depending on what is wrong with the drive. If it is a matter of rebuilding data or manipulating things like the data for each file that needs to be recovered, then it can be cheaper if you only need a certain folder of files. If we need to change heads, or something mechanical, for example, then the price does not change, simply because we have to do the same work for 1 file or 1000 files.
Is recovery guaranteed?
No one can guarantee recovery of data from a medium. There are a vast myriad of things that can go wrong with computer media. In the case of a head crash on a hard drive, a piece of equipment actually gets dragged across the platters that store data, physically gouging it away. The data residing on that physical space would now be irretrievable. Fortunately, this is not common.
Why are some data recovery companies cheaper?
Simply put, you get what you pay for. Unfortunately, the layperson has little to no experience or knowledge with data recovery, and so the general thought is that data recovery is data recovery, and any shop can do it. Many techniques and methods are proprietary. Some shops have hidden charges that you don’t find out about until they have your hard drive. Some of the cheaper shops will call a drive unrecoverable if they have to spend more than a small amount of time on diagnosis. Don’t take our word for it.

We tested two of the “cheap” labs that always come up at the top of the Google search listings for data recovery. One was in Vancouver and advertises data recovery for under 500.00, no matter the problem. We sent them a drive that had nothing more than a small firmware issue (that we created). They sent the drive back unrecoverable, and took out our good set of heads and put in failed heads. This is a cheap way of building a stockpile of parts, and happens often.

The second test drive was sent to a company in Toronto that advertises for around the 500.00 – 700.00 range. In this case, we sent a drive that had failed heads. They diagnosed it correctly, but said they didn’t have parts, so if I could find an identical hard drive and send it to them (at my expense), they would do the job. Yet according to their website, they don’t charge extra for anything.

Bottom line is that parts are EXPENSIVE. The warehouses that stockpile old hard drives charge an incredible premium on them. In many cases, drives used for replacement parts can cost hundreds and hundreds of dollars. At that price, you simply CANNOT do recovery for a few hundred bucks.

Some companies say they are in Calgary, but they aren't. Where are you located?
This is a common complaint we hear. Lies and deceit are rampant in the data recovery field. It is difficult to know what to believe. Data recovery companies that SAY they are in Calgary, actually are thousands of miles away, but might have a drop off location in Calgary.

We are located IN Calgary. Our lab is IN Calgary. The work is performed IN Calgary. While we have no problem with companies from other locations soliciting business here, they should be honest with the customer about where the hard drive is going.

Many companies send us hard drives from around North America, but every one of them knows exactly where their drive is.

Are there any hidden costs?

Although many of the “budget” shops say they have no hidden charges, they do. They just call them something different. From having to pay extra for parts, to having to pay extra if you want your original hard drive back, there is no end of hidden fees.

At Pro Data Recovery, Inc, we have none of that. The price is the price and you are protected by a contract that you sign. We don’t charge extra for parts. We don’t charge extra for returning your drive. At Pro Data Recovery, Inc, the price is truly the price. PERIOD.

Why can't I download a free program from the Internet to recover my data?
There is no shortage of free and low priced utilities available on the internet to recover your accidentally deleted files. Unfortunately if you don’t know how to use them properly, you can do more harm than good. If these programs aren’t designed to address your specific data loss situation, you could be rendering the files unrecoverable.

For every moment that your hard drive is on while you attempt recovery, you could be actually overwriting the very data that you are trying to retrieve. If the data is mission critical or of the utmost importance, you do not want to run the risk of losing it forever.

What should I do if my data goes missing or my drive fails?
Stop what you are doing immediately. Shut the computer off. Contact our office. The number one cause of failure to retrieve data is because the customer used the computer for a number of days after the data went missing, or attempted various methods of recovery on their own.
How much does it cost?

Data Recovery is not cheap. In many instances, it is cheaper to redo work that has been deleted. For data recovery from hard drives, you can expect to pay between $1160.00 – $2200.00. The average though, is $1160.00 if we can do the recovery outside of the clean room.

If we need to rebuild the drive or any components, we must use the clean room, and then the average is anywhere from $1450.00 – $2200.00.

Do you provide a rush service?
Yes. The fee is exactly double what the normal rate would be, however turnaround time is as soon as is humanly and electronically possible. In other words, if you call at midnight, our lab technicians work around the clock non-stop until your data is recovered.
How long does the diagnosis take?
Approximately 48 hours. We can provide a rush diagnosis for a non refundable fee of $500.00. This does not come off of the final price. This means that your drive is placed at the front of the line and is performed as soon as is humanly and electronically possible.
Some repair shops claim to do data recovery. Can I use them?
The choice is certainly yours. We caution, however, that an A+ certified technician, or an MCSE is not a data recovery specialist. While they possess more skills in this arena than the average person, they do not possess the skills and specialized tools that our company has.

Just one of the many pieces of equipment we use in this field is worth over $11,000.00. They may dabble in it, but we specialize in it. If you absolutely NEED your data, don’t trust it to someone who will just be throwing a few good tries at it.

Why are the repair shops cheaper?
Because they don’t have the tools or the success rate. We caution that their hourly rates may be cheaper, but many don’t have a “no data, no charge” policy, and they also have things like 3-4 hour minimum charges.

As well, many mishandle the media, potentially destroying the very data you want to recover. Another tactic is that they send us the drive anyway. Be prepared to pay a margin for this.

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