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Sound familiar? These are just two of many indicators that your computer’s hard drive may have just decided to stop working. Or maybe you accidentally deleted that important file. How about an SD Card that you just can’t seem to access anymore? An external hard drive that fell to the floor?

At Pro Data Recovery, Inc., we are one of a mere handful of companies worldwide that specialize in the restoration and retrieval of computer data. Our specialists can recover data from virtually any medium including:

  • iPhones
  • Androids
  • Blackberrys
  • One Line
  • Desktop Computers
  • Laptop Computers
  • External Hard Drives
  • Compact Disks
  • Floppy Disks
  • Zip Disks
  • Thumb Drives
  • Portable Storage Devices
  • All Manner of Digital Camera Storage Cards
  • RAID Sets


Don’t Panic!

Before you do ANYTHING, call us. We can help. Losing mission critical data can be terrifying. The data recovery process should not. Our “No data, no charge” policy ensures that you are protected from surprises at all times.

2-5 DAYS*
3-10 DAYS**

*    Dependent on work load at any given time.
**  Dependent on work load and nature of recovery problem.
***Any time, day or night, we start the work upon engagement, and work does not stop until the data is in your hands. PERIOD.

Contact us

Pro Data Recovery Inc.
Suite 300, 160 Quarry Park Blvd SE
Calgary, Alberta T2C 3G3
Phone: (403) 861-4846
Fax: (403) 770-8158
Office Hours: Monday – Friday, 9am to 5pm

After Hours Emergency Line

Phone: 403-703-4846 (Rush fees will apply)

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